Pfaff Creative 1473CD Sewing Machine

Pfaff Creative 1473CD Sewing Machine

Pfaff Creative 1473CD Sewing Machine

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Pfaff Creative 1473CD Sewing Machine

Preowned Pfaff Creative 1473CD

Parts Inventory-Foot pedal, power cord, bobbins, spool cap, fancy stitching foot for dual feed, normal sewing foot, blind stitch and overlook foot, zipper foot, fancy stitch foot not for dual feed, buttonhole foot, edge guide


Everyone from the professional seamstress to the crafty do-it-yourself mom looking for a way to satisfy their creative itch enjoys the quality craftsmanship of the Pfaff 1473 sewing machine. Constructed with 100-percent German engineering, this sewing machine features the same power expected of other Pfaff sewing machines, along with a few convenient upgrades to make the creative process even easier. No matter if you?re sewing a homemade costume for the school play or designing a quilt just like the one that used to lay on your grandparent?s bed, the Pfaff 1473 is sure to keep every stitch and seam in its place. Its integrated dual feed system is one of the reasons why seamstresses search far and wide for a piece of Pfaff engineering. Automated systems make the sewing process easier than ever before. This model is the third computerized sewing machine Pfaff introduced to the public and the innovative 9-millimeter stitch function made it an instant success. Enjoy 177 built-in stitches in a variety of styles and designs. Whether needed for utility or embellishment, the Pfaff 1473 offers nothing less than precision. Even complicated satin and cross stitches become a breeze. Set your projects on autopilot with additional features such as the memory buttonhole system and an electronically controlled needle. The adjustable needle threader offers even more control while in the middle of a project; you may adjust the needle?s position when sewing through multiple layers of fabric or thick, heavy materials like leather. The low bobbin detection light and half-speed option helps circumvent mishaps. The free arm design presents a stable foundation for your sewing projects. Keep patterns in place, regardless of the design. With this machine, open fabrics are no longer a problem. Sew straight stiches or program the sewing machine to stitch in reverse. If you?re feeling extra adventurous, the Pfaff 1473 is also compatible with a number of accessories. Explore the limitless potential of exclusive add-ons such as the Creative Designer tool. The stitch creator function on the Pfaff 1473 gives you the freedom to create your own stitches. Program the Pfaff 1473 to apply the Pattern Start Function for effortless return to the beginning of your stitch. Other functions, like pattern elongation, automatically increase the size of your stitches, without sacrificing the density of your project. Enjoy a number of memory functions that remain saved even if you turn off the sewing machine. Edit your projects, apply mirror imaging, sew block and script letters, and apply professional-quality embroidery to almost anything you can think of. Give your designs a creative finishing touch with the invisible applique stitch. Quilters cut corners without sacrificing the appeal of the finish project with the sewing machine?s Hand Quilt Stitch function. Best of all, each of these functions are easily controlled by the Pfaff 1473?s LCD display screen. Whether you?re looking for a simple single stitch or coming up with something more intricate for a creative endeavor, the Pfaff 1473 offers an unlimited amount of design potential.

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